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PowerArchitect™ 5 reduces engineering time and effort in power system bring-up

Programmable Power Management ICs (PMICs) require a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool in order to be configured and interfaced with during demonstration or debugging process. This tool is essential in emphasizing programmable PMICs flexibility and speed in bringing modern power solutions up and running. In addition, it must be simple and easy to use.

Exar's PowerArchitect 5 is intuitive, easy to use tool that supports entire family of programmable PMICs. With this tool, a user can configure a device to fit any application in minutes and be on the way to the power solution bring-up. Its ability to download configuration to run time registers gives user speed needed during initial circuit testing while a solution to program NVM provides permanent configuration storage. The tool is designed to emulate host interface in intended applications as well as to assist debagging power system issues.

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Design 10A, 15A or 20A DC/DC converters in seven simple steps

Exar's fully integrated power modules allow you to complete a power supply design in 7 simple steps. Power Modules integrate the control, MOSFETs, inductor and high frequency capacitors to greatly simplify the design of a DC/DC converter. Using Exar's XR791xx family of power modules, we will go through a complete design example in a few minutes leaving you more time to focus

on making your product the best it can be. At the end of these steps, you will have a fully functional, stable and efficient DC/DC converter that meets all your requirements.

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XRUSB1 software driver simplifies legacy COM port support for USB UARTs in Windows

With serial ports disappearing from PCs/laptops while the number of USB ports are increasing, serial (COM) port designs are migrating to USB UART solutions. There are many USB UART vendors that offer virtual COM port Windows software drivers so that the end user can use legacy

software applications to communicate via a COM port, but Exar is the only vendor who offers a Windows software drivers that recovers if a USB cable is unplugged and plugged back in without having to restart the software.

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