USB Ethernet Bridges

Exar USB Ethernet bridges add Ethernet connectivity to any system with an available USB port. Designed for embedded and industrial applications where space is at a premium, Exar’s USB Ethernet bridges pack the most functionality in the smallest package.

Development is simple with Exar’s USB bridging products. The devices work with standard software drivers in Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS X. For those designers who need to get to market quickly, enhanced features such as RS-485 Half-Duplex Control and 9-bit or Multidrop Mode can be enabled in Exar’s USB bridges to simplify software and hardware development. Custom software drivers and applications are also available or for those instances where a standard driver is not available or where unique functionality is required. For example, the UART ports are easily configured for any non-standard baud rate over 300 bps and the GPIOs are readily tailored for enhanced functionality. All of Exar’s custom Windows drivers are certified to the Microsoft WHQL/HCK standard to ensure compatibility and reliable performance.

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