Policy and Procedure

Exar’s Product Discontinuance Policy

It is Exar’s general policy to notify all known customers for products affected by planned discontinuance. In compliance with JESD48B, Exar will coordinate Last-Time Buy (LTB) purchases with customers unless a product discontinuance is related to product safety, regulatory or judicial compliance. Listed below is Exar’s Product Discontinuance Policy:

Exar will issue a Product Discontinuance Notice (PDN) for each discontinued part and notify known customers who have purchased the product. The PDN will contain the following information:

  1. PDN Number
  2. Publication Date
  3. Products affected by the PDN and any recommended replacement parts
  4. Last-Time Buy Date
  5. Last-Time Ship dates
  6. Contact Information

Unless otherwise stated, Exar will provide the PDN to their customer(s) and approved distributors, allowing 6 months from the Publication Date for Last-Time Buy orders, and 12 months from the Publication Date for Last-Time Shipments. The approved distributors shall, where applicable, notify their affected customers of the product discontinuance.

Customer are required to submit a purchase order (“PO”) for the LTB requirements. All orders for discontinued product whether such product is standard or custom are non-cancellable and non-returnable (NCNR) at the time of PO placement.

In some instances, under special agreements, Exar will entertain requests to continue to manufacture the product, provided Exar has practical commercial and technical ability to manufacture it.

For additional information about a specific product, please contact your local Exar Sales Office which can be found on our website at www.exar.com