• Video

    Video surveillance products from Exar include video processors, PCIe DVR cards, HDCVI cameras, HDCVI recorder cards, IP camera modules and a complete video surveillance SDK. read more...

    The power and flexibility of Exar video processors make them ideally suited for video surveillance. Exar video processors have been widely embraced by the security and surveillance industry. As the industry transitions from standard to high definition (HD) video in both Internet Protocol (IP) network environments as well as ubiquitous CCTV domains, there is tremendous demand for high performance, low cost video processors. Exar S7000 video processors are System-on-Chip (SOC) devices that have been optimized for video surveillance and are the engine that drives a wide range of video surveillance equipment including IP cameras, video encoders and decoders and digital video recorders (DVR). Exar video processors are also at the heart of our latest High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) products which are revolutionizing HD video resolution and transmission for CCTV installations. Exar products are designed to meet the needs of the video surveillance equipment Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) at any stage of the value chain including components, off-the-shelf add-in cards, reference designs and plug-n-play modules that are market-ready.

  • Video Processors

    Exar designs and produces SOCs and ASSPs for video surveillance. From our flagship S7000 family of software configurable processors (SCP) to our latest High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) encoders and decoders, Exar combines the best of analog and digital expertise to deliver exceptional value to the video surveillance equipment OEMs.

    Exar's S7000 devices use third generation SCP technology to deliver powerful compute capability to demanding video applications. The extreme performance and low operating power of these processors make them ideal for video surveillance applications, while their high level of integration results in products with very low bill-of-materials (BOM) costs. The processors' high channel density, combined with a flexible multi-CODEC capability, delivers the surveillance industry's best video quality at unparalleled price/performance points. From high-definition IP cameras and high channel density DVRs to multi-channel video streamers, the S7000 family delivers unprecedented power and flexibility to video processing applications.

    HDCVI processors are Exar's latest development in high definition video. These new video processors enable video surveillance professionals to deliver pristine HD-quality video on existing coaxial-cable installations at distances over 500-m. The first two processors in this family, the XR5P900 and XR5P920, are the core building blocks for professional video surveillance products at both ends of the cable. The XR5P900 is a single-channel encoder, or transmitter, for use in HDCVI cameras while the XR5P920 is a four-channel decoder, or receiver, for use in HDCVI DVRs and video streamers.

    DVR PCIe Cards

    Video surveillance products from Exar include video processors, PCIe DVR cards, HDCVI cameras, HDCVI recorder cards, IP camera modules and a complete video surveillance SDK.

    Exar Digital Video Recorder (DVR) PCI Express add-in cards set new performance standards and delivers the surveillance industry's best video quality and lowest cost per channel. With densities ranging from 8 to 32 channels of full D1 video and up to 8 channels of high definition HDCVI or HD-SDI video, Stretch-brand cards feature the highest channel density available today. Leveraging the rich video processing capabilities of the S7000 family of software configurable processors, these DVR cards feature Exar’s Intelligent Encoder with the efficient H.264 High Profile CODEC. This CODEC produces highly compressed bit streams saving disk space and conserving network bandwidth. The cards are also compatible with the Exar’s H.264 Scalable Video CODEC (SVC). SVC encoded streams can be parsed to reduce their network bandwidth, decode compute, and storage requirements. Most of Exar’s PCIe DVR cards are low-profile cards that are ideal for use in compact DVR and video server chassis. Low-profile cards are also available with standard-height brackets for easy configuration in development systems or other standard-height PCIe chassis.

    Video Camera Modules

    Exar designs and manufactures video surveillance camera modules including IP cameras for network surveillance and HDCVI cameras for HDCCTV video surveillance.

    Exar offers High Definition (HD) camera modules both as IP cameras and HDCVI cameras. The modules are Plug-n-Play designs which allow video surveillance equipment OEMs to get to market quickly in both CCTV and IP network applications. Each module consists of a sensor board and a main board in either M-38 or M-42 formats for easy integration into a variety of bullet, dome, or Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera housings. Main boards are based on Exar’s powerful S7000 family of video processors with the Intelligent Encoder delivering H.264 or MJPEG encoding. The S7000 also includes an ARM9 with a Linux operating system providing web-based CGI and ONVIF interfaces for camera control. Sensor boards use Sony CMOS surveillance image sensors. Consult with Exar Applications Engineering for other sensor options from On Semiconductor, Omnivision and others.

    Decode and Display PCIe Cards

    Exar provides a complete line of add-in PCIe cards for decode and display as CVBS & HDMI video as well as companion cards for to enable alarm inputs and trigger outputs.