• Data compression & security

    Exar Corporation’s Storage Data Security and Compression product portfolio offers a broad range of solutions that offload the host CPU and guarantee maximum security for data in-flight or at rest and storage capacity optimization (SCO) while increasing system performance, reducing system power consumption, and driving down the total cost of ownership (TCO). read more...

    Exar’s tradition of providing industry leading data reduction enables customers to optimize their storage footprint – less to store, back-up, manage and move around the network. Customers utilizing database applications, cloud-based storage, replication and back-up applications, as well as other applications, will be able to optimize their storage capacity and network performance.

    Exar’s best in class data security and compression products also offer a complete solution set of Suite B cryptographic algorithms. Customers now have the flexibility to successfully address diverse market segments with varying security requirements.

    The comprehensive product portfolio also includes a new software architecture that simplifies system integration, reduces time to market and provides a smooth migration path across the entire product portfolio.

  • Data Compression

    Exar's data compression and security solutions address the evolving IT infrastructure needs by providing high availability and performance, workload optimization, security for data in transit or at rest, storage capacity optimization (SCO) and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

    AltraHD for Hadoop


    Mobile devices, social media, sensor-enabled e-commerce, the cloud and web 2.0 applications are transforming the global IT infrastructure. The amount and type of data or "Big Data" is changing and growing exponentially. Big Data, which now includes increasing amounts of unstructured data, needs to be available anytime, anywhere and in various formats. As a result, the IT infrastructure must be adaptive, always-on, scalable, secure and cost effective.

    Large amounts of data are expensive to manage, store and backup. Exar's high performance data compression solutions can minimize the data footprint (SCO); thereby, reducing management, equipment, power and cooling costs (lower TCO). In addition, network bandwidth can increase as the amount of data moving across the network is greatly reduced.

    Although general purpose CPUs have gotten significantly faster, data compression algorithms are computationally intensive and can saturate multiple multi-core CPUs. Exar's Express DX cards and devices can offload data compression algorithms and reduce CPU utilization by over 95% enabling increased system efficiency and workload optimization, higher performance, reduced power consumption and lower TCO.

    Cloud storage, social media sites and web based applications contain enormous amounts of confidential information in their databases. As data moves online it becomes highly vulnerable. Exar's Express DX cards and processors can address that vulnerability by encrypting the data stored at rest in those data bases as well as data that is being sent over the global network. Encryption algorithms place the same stress on general purpose CPUs as data compression.

    Exar's Express DX cards and processors can simultaneously offload the data compression and encryption algorithms and still reduce CPU utilization by over 95%, enable workload optimization, maintain high performance, reduce power consumption and lower TCO.

    Network Security

    Exar’s broad range of hardware-based security and compression solutions deliver industry leading performance for encryption, authentication, and public key support along with highly efficient hardware-based compression to optimize network bandwidth.

    Exar’s Exalerator Software Suite

    The growth of data in the internet is expanding at an astounding rate, being driven in large part by cloud and web-based applications, as well as the growth of mobile devices. As applications are increasingly migrating into the cloud, the requirement for network security is rapidly increasing. In addition, the dramatic increase in web traffic is driving the need to optimize network bandwidth.

    As the network landscape evolves, IT managers are faced with multiple challenges, including the need to manage the growth of the data, as well as the mobility, accessibility, and securing of the data. In addition, as data centers grow to address the growing requirements, it is increasingly important to manage data center efficiency and drive down TCO.

    Exar’s card and device products provide the ideal solutions for a wide range of networking equipment, including VPN gateways, application delivery appliances, web servers, VoIP equipment, wireless backhaul and WAN optimization appliances. In addition, Exar’s security and compression technology has the flexibility and scalability to address the demands of emerging markets such as smart grids, which require both encryption and compression.

    Exar’s products offload the host CPU from computationally intensive security and compression algorithms, freeing up the CPU for other application workloads. This greatly increases CPU efficiency and delivers workload optimization, enabling OEMs to utilize the additional processing power to add more value and differentiation to their products.

    Exar’s leading edge solutions provide up to 50x the performance of software-based solutions while providing up to a 95% reduction in CPU overhead. In addition, the power efficiency of Exar’s hardware-based solutions are up to three orders of magnitude that of software-based solutions. The increased efficiency provides a reduction in both capital and operating expenses, which drives down TCO.