Quad RS-485/RS-422 Line Drivers


The SP486 and SP487 are low–power quad differential line drivers meeting RS-485 and RS-422 standards. The SP486 features a common driver enable control; the SP487 provides independent driver enable controls for each pair of drivers. Both feature tri–state outputs and wide common–mode input range. Both are available in 16–pin plastic DIP and SOIC packages.

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  • RS-485 or RS-422 Applications
  • Quad Differential Line Drivers
  • Tri–state Output Control
  • 40ns Typical Driver Propagation Delays
  • 5ns Skew
  • –7V to +12V Common Mode Output Range
  • 100uA Supply Current
  • Single +5V Supply Operation
  • Pin Compatible with SN75172, SN75174, LTC486, and LTC487


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Pkg Code Details Quantities Dimensions PDF
  • JEDEC Reference: MS-001
  • MSL Pb-Free: n/a
  • MSL SnPb Eutectic: n/a
  • ThetaJA: 69.9ºC/W
  • Bulk Pack Style: Tube
  • Quantity per Bulk Pack: n/a
  • Quantity per Reel: n/a
  • Quantity per Tube: 25
  • Quantity per Tray: n/a
  • Reel Size (Dia. x Width x Pitch): n/a
  • Tape & Reel Unit Orientation: n/a
  • Dimensions: inch
  • Length: 0.75
  • Width: 0.25
  • Thickness: 0.13
  • Lead Pitch: 0.10
  • JEDEC Reference: MS-013
  • MSL Pb-Free: L3 @ 260ºC
  • MSL SnPb Eutectic: n/a
  • ThetaJA: 69.1ºC/W
  • Bulk Pack Style: Tube
  • Quantity per Bulk Pack: n/a
  • Quantity per Reel: 1500
  • Quantity per Tube: 47
  • Quantity per Tray: n/a
  • Reel Size (Dia. x Width x Pitch): 330 x 16 x 12
  • Tape & Reel Unit Orientation: Pin 1 at sprocket hole.
  • Dimensions: mm
  • Length: 10.30
  • Width: 7.50
  • Thickness: 2.55 max
  • Lead Pitch: 1.27

Parts & Purchasing

Part Number Pkg Code RoHS Min Temp Max Temp Status Buy Now Order Samples
SP487CT WSOIC16 0 70 OBS Suggested:
SP487CT/TR WSOIC16 0 70 OBS Suggested:
SP487CT-L WSOIC16 0 70 Active
SP487CT-L/TR WSOIC16 0 70 Active
SP487ES PDIP16 -40 85 OBS
SP487ET WSOIC16 -40 85 OBS Suggested:
SP487ET/TR WSOIC16 -40 85 OBS Suggested:
SP487ET-L WSOIC16 -40 85 EOL Suggested:
SP487ET-L/TR WSOIC16 -40 85 EOL Suggested:
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Part Status Legend
Active - the part is released for sale, standard product.
EOL (End of Life) - the part is no longer being manufactured, there may or may not be inventory still in stock.
CF (Contact Factory) - the part is still active but customers should check with the factory for availability. Longer lead-times may apply.
PRE (Pre-introduction) - the part has not been introduced or the part number is an early version available for sample only.
OBS (Obsolete) - the part is no longer being manufactured and may not be ordered.
NRND (Not Recommended for New Designs) - the part is not recommended for new designs.
Distribution Date Description File
08/10/2017 Qualification of alternate assembly subcon, ANST. PCN 17-0625-01 ANST-1033.pdf
07/11/2017 Product Discontinuation Notification PDN_17-0626-02-1033.pdf
11/16/2015 Updated information subsequent to original published PCN 15-0625-02 on 09/29/2015. Addendum: Update to package marking. PCN 15-0625-02A UPDATE-1033.pdf
09/29/2015 Greatek as alternate assembly site Addition of an alternate production site, Greatek, Taiwan for 16L, 24L and 28L SOICW PCN 15-0625-02 16L-24L-28L SOICW Greatek-1033.pdf
10/03/2013 Qualification of SiO2 5KÅ + SiN 7KÅ passivation to replace PSG 10KÅ passivation. Material & Process Changes. PCN_13-0522-02-1033.pdf
09/24/2012 Material Change - Bond wire is changed from gold to copper. To update our manufacturing to be compatible with current industry standards and maintain capacity. PCN_12-0914-01-1033.pdf
05/10/2011 Product Discontinuation Notice. Discontinued due to low market demand. PDN_11-0510-01-1033.pdf
07/30/2010 Process Change. Capacity enhancement. PCN_10-0715-01-1033.pdf
05/19/2009 Notice of Obsolescence Discontinued by Exar Corporation due to low market demand PDN 081126-01-1033.pdf
11/26/2008 Notice of Obsolescence Package Discontinuation Notice PDN_081126-01-1033.pdf
09/29/2008 Product assembly of 14/16/18 lead PDIP families will be transferred from Unisem-Ipoh (Malaysia) to Unisem-Batam (Indonesia). Business consolidation and use of environmental friendly material. pcn08-0929-01-1033.pdf
04/20/2007 Migrating product from Episil wafer foundry’s 5um CMOS process to Silan, Hangzhou, China, foundry’s 5um CMOS process. To assure continuity of supply of wafers for these products. PCN_07-0426-02-1033.pdf
02/02/2006 Announcing transfer of certain Power Management and Interface Products from Hillview fabrication and facility to wafer foundary Silan. See attached Product List Power Management and Interface products as listed are being transfer to external wafer foundry, due to cessation of operations of the sipex Hillview Fabrication manufacturing site PCN-06-0130-18-1033.pdf
01/17/2006 Announcing discontinuance of certain low volume Power Management and Interface Products and last dates to place lifetime. buy orders Low Volume Power Management and Interface products are being discontinued due to cessation of operations of the Sipex Hillview Fabrication manufacturing site. PCN-06-0117-01-1033.pdf