Exar’s Exalerator Software Suite

Exar’s Exalerator software suite integrates with Exar’s hardware-based security products to deliver high performance, increased system efficiencies, and workload optimization. The Exalerator Software Suite provides complete solutions to add hardware-accelerated security and compression quickly and easily to a broad range of applications. The Exalerator suite includes OpenSSL Exalerator, Web Server Exalerator for both Apache and Nginx, and CryptoAPI Exalerator, which supports IPsec for networking applications and dm-crypt for storage applications.

OpenSSL Exalerator and CryptoAPI Exalerator provide the ideal solutions for a broad range of applications requiring optimal performance and efficiency, including VPN gateways, application delivery appliances, VoIP equipment, and wireless backhaul. Additionally, Web Server Exalerator is a complete web server solution for both Apache and Nginx, delivering the scalability and performance required by large server farms.

Leveraging Open Source Software

OEMs who have developed solutions using OpenSSL for their SSL/TLS applications, as well as off-the-shelf applications such as OpenVPN can seamlessly integrate with OpenSSL Exalerator. Additionally, OpenSwan and strongSwan can easily utilize CryptoAPI Exalerator, providing comprehensive, hardware-accelerated IPsec solutions for network security. For Storage applications, dm-crypt works seamlessly with CryptoAPI Exalerator, providing acceleration for disk-based encryption. The Exalerator solutions allow simple, fast integration of hardware-accelerated encryption, compression, and public key processing, maximizing performance and enabling rapid time to market.

 Exalerator1 Diagram

Each of the Exalerator solutions comes integrated with Exar’s high performance DX Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable, quickly, the addition of hardware accelerated security and compression for networking and storage applications. The Exalerator Suite has the flexibility and scalability to utilize both Exar cards and devices, addressing a broad range of security and compression performance.

Exalerator2 Diagram