Power Management

Exar provides innovative power solutions that simplify the power and system architecture in a wide variety of end markets for both line and battery-powered electronic equipment.

Exar's power management portfolio covers a wide range of DC to DC power conversion solutions, system controls and power monitoring as well as LED lighting applications.

With over 30 years of analog and mixed-signal expertise, Exar's power solutions are trusted everyday to provide an unprecedented combination of high efficiency, high performance, board space optimization and improved system reliability while reducing costs and time to market.

Universal PMICs

Universal PMICsUniversal PMICs, enabled by Exar's programmable power technology, can be configured through PowerArchitectâ„¢ to meet the needs of nearly any system. These PMICs feature re-configurability, dynamic control and telemetry.

Power Modules

Power ModulesPower modules provide the ultimate in power density and ease of use. Modules integrate a complete power stage including control, MOSFETs, inductor and capacitors in a form factor not achievable on a PCB.

Power Conversion

powerxrA complete family of DC to DC power conversion products from linear LDOs and regulators to high-performance switching regulators and controllers for applications with currents ranging from a few mA to 30A.

System Controls

System Controls Power delivery and control products insures stable and safe operations of electronic systems and power architectures. Voltage references guarantee accurate power generation, system supervisors monitor one or several voltage rails for abnormal operations.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting Efficiency, performance, size and reliability are rapidly imposing LEDs as the lighting solution of choice in space constrained portable electronic equipments as well as in architectural and accent lighting fixtures.