Express DX 1800

The Highest Performance Data Reduction and Security Solution for Storage and Network Infrastructure

Product Crypto/Compression Performance Public Key Performance (RSA Decrypt/Sign -1K Keys)
DX 1845 25.6 Gb/sec 55.4K Ops/sec
DX 1835 19.2 Gb/sec 41.6K Ops/sec
DX 1825 12.8 Gb/sec 27.7K Ops/sec

The massive amount of digital content and its global distribution is straining the compute, storage and networking infrastructure of large Enterprises and SMBs. Fortune 500 companies and SMBs are struggling to manage the exponential growth in data, its mobility, and supporting a dynamic virtualized IT infrastructure required to address an increasingly demanding business environment. However, the vast majority of IT budgets are spent maintaining the existing storage and network infrastructure. Power, cooling, real estate, and the ever-increasing demand for compute, storage, network and application resources all continue to push costs higher. Furthermore the growth in global online transactions and content distribution across heterogeneous networks as well as storing information on mobile or removable media is raising security concerns. Customers across the board want to ensure that their data is secure whether it is in transit across the network or at rest on their storage devices.

DX 1800 Series Solution

The DX 1800 series card offloads the computationally intensive tasks necessary to compress, deduplicate, and secure data in both block form for storage applications and packet form for networking applications. The DX 1825, DX 1835 and DX 1845 are aimed at enabling a more unified and efficient compute, storage and network infrastructure for enterprise class customers. These cards offers power efficient hardware acceleration capabilities for data compression, deduplication, and network and storage security.

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