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Material Declarations

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Material Declarations
Part Number Package Lead Count MDS No.
XRT75R06DIB-F PBGA 217 MDS-00000411 [PDF]
SP3220ECY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000414 [PDF]
XRP9710EY-L LGA (12X12) 0 MDS-00000425 [PDF]
ST16C550CJ44-F PLCC 44 MDS-00000426 [PDF]
SP3238EEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000412 [PDF]
SP3232EUEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000413 [PDF]
XR16L580IM-F TQFP 48 MDS-00000401 [PDF]
SP206CT-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP206ET-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP207CT-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP207ECT-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP207EET-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP207ET-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP208CT-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP208ECT-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP208EET-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP208EHCT-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP208EHET-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP208ET-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP238ACT-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP238AET-L WSOIC 24 MDS-00000421 [PDF]
SP211CT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP211ECT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP211EET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP211EHCT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP211EHET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP211ET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP213EET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP3243EBCT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP3243EBET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP3243ECT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP3243EET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP3243EHCT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP3243EHET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP3243EUCT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP3243EUET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP331CT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP331ET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP332CT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP332ET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP334CT-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP334ET-L WSOIC 28 MDS-00000422 [PDF]
SP202ECT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP202EET-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP232ACT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP232AET-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP232ECT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP232EET-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP3232EBCT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP3232EBET-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP3232ECT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP3232EET-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP3232EHCT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP3232EHET-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP3232EUCT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP486CT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP486ET-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP487CT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP487ET-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000420 [PDF]
SP3249ECY-L TSSOP 24 MDS-00000418 [PDF]
SP3249EEY-L TSSOP 24 MDS-00000418 [PDF]
SP330EEY-L TSSOP 24 MDS-00000418 [PDF]
SP3238ECY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3238EEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3243EBCY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3243EBEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3243ECY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3243EEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3243EUCY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3243EUEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3244ECY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3244EEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3245ECY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3245EEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP336ECY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000419 [PDF]
SP3222EBCY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3222EBEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3222ECY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3222EEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3222EUCY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3222EUEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3223EBCY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3223EBEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3223ECY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3223EEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3223EUCY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3223EUEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3224ECY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3224EEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3225ECY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3225EEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000417 [PDF]
SP3220EBCY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3220EBEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3220ECY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3220EEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3220EUCY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3220EUEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3221ECY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3221EEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3232EBCY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3232EBEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3232ECY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3232EHEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3232EUCY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP3232EUEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000416 [PDF]
SP211CA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP211EA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP211ECA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP211EEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP211EHCA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP211EHEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP213ECA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP213EEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP213EHCA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP213EHEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP3238ECA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP3238EEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP3239ECA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP3239EEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP3244ECA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP3244EEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP3245ECA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP3245EEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000415 [PDF]
SP619EK-L SOT23 6 MDS-00000408 [PDF]
SP7120BEK-L SOT23 6 MDS-00000408 [PDF]
SP3222EBCA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3222ECA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3222EEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3222EUCA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3222EUEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3223EBCA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3223EBEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3223ECA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3223EUCA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3223EUEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3224ECA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3224EEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3225ECA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP3225EEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP385ECA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP385EEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
XR3160ECU-F SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
XR3160EIU-F SSOP 20 MDS-00000409 [PDF]
SP206CA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP206EA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP207CA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP207EA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP207ECA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP207EEA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP208CA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP208EA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP208ECA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SP208EEA-L SSOP 24 MDS-00000410 [PDF]
SPX2431AM-L SOT23 3 MDS-00000406 [PDF]
SPX2431M-L SOT23 3 MDS-00000406 [PDF]
SPX385AM-L-2-5 SOT23 3 MDS-00000406 [PDF]
SPX432M-L SOT23 3 MDS-00000406 [PDF]
SPX3819M5-L SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX3819M5-L-1-2 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX3819M5-L-1-5 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX3819M5-L-1-8 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX3819M5-L-2-5 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX3819M5-L-3-0 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX3819M5-L-3-3 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX3819M5-L-5-0 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX5205M5-L-1-2 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX5205M5-L-2-5 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX5205M5-L-3-3 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX5205M5-L-5-0 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX5205M5-L-3-0 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX5205M5-L-1-8 SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
SPX5205M5-L SOT23 5 MDS-00000407 [PDF]
XR76108EL-F QFN 30 MDS-00000404 [PDF]
XR76112EL-F QFN 30 MDS-00000404 [PDF]
XR76115EL-F QFN 37 MDS-00000405 [PDF]
SP3070EEN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP3076EEN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP3083EEN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP3491CN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP3491EN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP491CN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP491ECN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP491EEN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP491EN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000402 [PDF]
SP202ECN-L NSOIC 16 MDS-00000403 [PDF]
SP202EEN-L NSOIC 16 MDS-00000403 [PDF]
SP232ACN-L NSOIC 16 MDS-00000403 [PDF]
SP232AEN-L NSOIC 16 MDS-00000403 [PDF]
SP232ECN-L NSOIC 16 MDS-00000403 [PDF]
SP232EEN-L NSOIC 16 MDS-00000403 [PDF]
SP3232EBCN-L NSOIC 16 MDS-00000403 [PDF]
SP1486EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3071EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3072EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3074EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3075EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3077EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3078EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3082EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3085EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3088EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000400 [PDF]
SP3223EEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000399 [PDF]
SP3222EBEA-L SSOP 20 MDS-00000398 [PDF]
LP2951CS-L-5-0 NSOIC 8 MDS-00000396 [PDF]
SP6644EU-L MSOP 8 MDS-00000397 [PDF]
XRP7725ILB-F TQFN (7x7) 44 MDS-00000395 [PDF]
SP809NEK-L-2-9 SOT23 3 MDS-00000392 [PDF]
XR28V382IL32-F QFN (5x5) 32 MDS-00000394 [PDF]
XR75100EL-F QFN (3x3) 16 MDS-00000391 [PDF]
XR21V1414IM48-F TQFP (7x7) 48 MDS-00000390 [PDF]
XRT7300IVTR-F TQFP (10x10) 44 MDS-00000389 [PDF]
SP706SEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000388 [PDF]
XRT83VSH316IB-F L-fpBGA (21x21) 316 MDS-00000387 [PDF]
CLC4007ITP14 TSSOP 14 MDS-00000384 [PDF]
XR8052ASO8X SOIC 8 MDS-00000385 [PDF]
SP3232EHCY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000383 [PDF]
SP3485EN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000382 [PDF]
SP6214EC5-L-3-3 SC-70 5 MDS-00000379 [PDF]
SP336EEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000380 [PDF]
SP3232EEY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000381 [PDF]
SP3485CN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000377 [PDF]
CLC2000ISO8X SOIC 8 MDS-00000378 [PDF]
SP1481ECN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000376 [PDF]
SP3497EEN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000372 [PDF]
XR21B1411IL16-D2-F QFN (3x3) 16 MDS-00000373 [PDF]
XR17V352IB113-F LQFP 100 MDS-00000370 [PDF]
SP508EEF-L LQFP 100 MDS-00000371 [PDF]
XRT91L34IV-F LQFP-TEP (14x14) 128 MDS-00000368 [PDF]
XRT86VL32IB-F PBGA (19x19) 225 MDS-00000369 [PDF]
SP7656EN2-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000364 [PDF]
SP487CT-L WSOIC 16 MDS-00000361 [PDF]
SP3077EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000360 [PDF]
XRP7665IDBTR-F HSOIC 8 MDS-00000358 [PDF]
SP3496EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000359 [PDF]
XR71211EH-F DFN (3x3) 10 MDS-00000356 [PDF]
XRP7704ILB-F TQFN (6x6) 40 MDS-00000357 [PDF]
SP3232EEN-L NSOIC 16 MDS-00000354 [PDF]
SP2526A-2EN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000355 [PDF]
SP3072EMN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000353 [PDF]
SP3072EEN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000336 [PDF]
SP3232EBCY-L TSSOP 16 MDS-00000352 [PDF]
S7100PH-C4 HSBGA 484 MDS-00000350 [PDF]
CLC1001IST6X TSOT 6 MDS-00000349 [PDF]
SP3232EET-L SOICW 16 MDS-00000348 [PDF]
SP3070EEN-L NSOIC 14 MDS-00000347 [PDF]
SP3243EUEA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000345 [PDF]
SP3243EUEY-L TSSOP 28 MDS-00000346 [PDF]
SP3243ECA-L SSOP 28 MDS-00000344 [PDF]
ST16C654CJ68-F PLCC 68 MDS-00000343 [PDF]
XR16C850CM-F TQFP (7x7) 48 MDS-00000341 [PDF]
ST16C2550CQ48-F TQFP (7x7) 48 MDS-00000342 [PDF]
SP335ECR1-L QFN (5x5) 32 MDS-00000339 [PDF]
SP485EMN-L NSOIC 8 MDS-00000340 [PDF]
SP3232EUEA-L SSOP 16 MDS-00000338 [PDF]
XR8051ASO8X SOIC 8 MDS-00000335 [PDF]
SPX3940AM3-L-3-3 SOT-223 3 MDS-00000334 [PDF]
SP3203EEY-L TSSOP 20 MDS-00000333 [PDF]