UART with One Byte FIFO

  • Pin compatible to SSI 73M1550/2550/Software compatible INS8250, NS16450
  • 1.5 Mbps transmit/receive operation (24MHz Max.) with programmable clock control
  • Modem control signals (-CTS, -RTS, -DSR, -DTR, -RI, -CD)
  • Programmable character lengths (5, 6, 7, 8) with even, odd, or no parity
  • Four levels of prioritized interrupts, minimize external software interaction
  • Software controlled tri-state interrupt outputs
  • Provides enhanced 16C450 features for power down and software controllable reset output
  • Crystal or external clock input
  • 460.8 Kbps transmit/receive operation with 7.3728 MHz crystal or external clock source
  • Pb-Free, RoHS Compliant Versions Offered

  • Battery Operated Electronics
  • Internet Appliances
  • Handheld Terminal
  • Personal Digital Assistants
  • Cellular Phones DataPort

The ST16C1450 series is a universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter (UART). The ST16C1450 is foot print compatible to the SSI 73M1550 and SSI 73M2550 UART with one byte FIFO and higher operating speed and lower access time. The ST16C1450 provides enhanced UART functions with a modem control interface, independent programmable baud rate generators with clock rates to 1.5 Mbps.

On board status registers provide the user with error indications and operational status. System interrupts and modem control features may be tailored by external software to meet specific user requirements. An internal loop-back capability allows on board diagnostics. The ST16C1450 is available in a 28-pin PLCC and 48-pin TQFP packages. The baud rate generator can be configured for either crystal or external clock input.

The 48-pin TQFP provides a buffered reset output that can be controlled through user software. The ST16C1450 is fabricated in an advanced CMOS process to achieve low drain power and high speed requirements.

The ST16C145 is not compatible with the industry standard 16450 and will not work with the standard serial port driver in MS Windows. For a MS Windows compatible UART, see the ST16C450.

For UART technical support or to obtain an IBIS model for this product, please email Exar's UART Technical Support group.

Part NumberPkg CodeRoHSMin
StatusBuy NowOrder Samples
ST16C1450CQ48TR-F TQFP48TQFP48070Active

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Active - the part is released for sale, standard product.
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CPU InterfaceIntel
Max Data Rate @ 5/3.3/2.5/1.8V (Mbps)1.5/0.5/na/na
Tx/Rx FIFO (Bytes)1/1
Tx/Rx FIFO CtrsNo
Tx/Rx FIFO INT TrigNo/No
IrDa SupNo
5V Tol InputsNo
Sup V2.97-5.5
PkgsPLCC-28, TQFP-48
Data Rate @ 5/3.3/2.5V1.5/0.5/na